5 Reasons why you should consider purchasing a log home

Scandinavian-style log homes are very popular. There are many differences aspects of a Scandinavian log home that makes it superior to your average home.

  1. Aesthetic

First of all, there is the appearance and aesthetic of a log home. We've been building houses out of wood for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There are many reasons for this. Wood is a beautiful building material, created by nature itself, and tamed by us. There is a wonderful sense of life in wood, and just having wood around you gives one a sense of nature. It's not wonder that when many people think of comfort, they think of a log house.

  1. Lighting

You will find, in the modern design of a log house, that one of the great aspects of it is the lighting. There will be many windows, glass doors, bay windows, etc, that will allow a huge amount of natural light into your home. Natural light gives us a sense of peace and a sense of comfort, as well as not costing us any money.

  1. Sound

Another great aspect of having a wood home you may not have considered is the sound, or acoustics, of your home. The thick wooden walls will allow you to have peace of quiet and peace of mind, as they will block out any unnecessary noise. Wood also tense to absorb sound better than stone materials, so there will not be any disturbing and unwanted echoing in your home.

  1. Air

A home made of wood impacts the air around it. Natural log has its own natural scent that helps to build the atmosphere of your home. Wood is a natural building material, and therefore it has pores and breathes. This keeps the moisture of your home at a balanced and delightful level, also retaining that natural scent.

  1. Ambience

The natural element of log just helps to creature a nature ambience in your home. Wood reminds us of nature, and helps us to connect with ourselves and our past. In a world where technology is all around us, it is good to get back in touch with tangible beautiful objects, such as wood. A wood home feels grounded and stable, and will help your life to feel that way.


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