The Health Benefits of Living in a Log Home

The modern industrial world is full of industry and pollution, a level of which our bodies cannot adapt to. This is why we need to take the proper measures to minimise the exposure of our own bodies and our loved ones to dangerous environments. Statistics show that as the human population ages, Log Homes are more in demand. Is it possible this is related to the great health benefits of living in a log home? With a wider choice of bespoke designs than ever before, it is a fantastic time to buy a log home.

  1. Reduced Stress

First of all, there are the psychological benefits of living in a log home. Being surrounded by a natural substance, ie; wood, which is naturally calming and soothing. It symbolises a return to nature in a world so consumed by artificial materials and technology. In Japan, a hospital and children's clinic was constructed of wood to test the psychological benefits of natural building materials. This created a positive environment for the healing of illness and the healthy development of children. People who live in wood structures are less likely to suffer stress-related illnesses. So why not live in a house that promotes both physical and mental health?

  1. Optimal Air Humidity

There's no need for expensive and noisy air-conditioners in a log home. A log home naturally 'breathes' as the wood takes in moisture and filters it, creating a naturally-filtered air that is perfect for healing. The air in a log home will never be too dry or too stuffy and humid, as the wood maintains the optimal humidity. Timber establishes the perfect moisture balance in your home. Any excess or lack of moisture will be automatically filtered, like a natural dehumidifier.

  1. Air Freshness

As the air is filtered through the wood and timber itself, the air stays fresh. This means that the air is constantly circulating, creating a good scent and a great atmosphere for your home. A log home's atmosphere will have less allergens and impurities than your average home, making it perfect for those with asthma and other breathing conditions. Wood-built homes are conducive to healthy living.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Log houses are environmentally friendly and perfect for the green enthusiast. Unlike regular brick-built homes, logs are renewable and have a lesser negative impact on the environment around it. People who live in eco-friendly homes are commonly healthier and happier than those who live in more polluted and industrial spaces. Living near nature can also benefit your health. Buying a log home is the best way to go green!

  1. An Atmosphere of Luxury

Essentially, you will benefit from a combination of all the previous points. The aesthetic and effective benefits of your home will benefit you psychologically. Eco-friendliness, natural energy efficiency, serenity and aesthetics all contribute to the great atmosphere so many people love. The durability of the solid wood-built home means that you don't have to worry about maintenance and repair, giving you peace-of-mind. In Finland, many doctors recommend log homes to their geriatric patients for the unique health benefits. The improved air-quality reduces the chance of mould and other dangerous presences in the atmosphere, again, giving you peace-of-mind.

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